By Michael Tino and Jana Menard, Design, Branding, Video and Motion Graphics, Social Media Design

Founded by local Tahoe resident Jana Menard, Fragrance Vault offers over 5,000 different fragrances for men & women, with a specialty in rare, vintage, discontinued, designer, commercial, luxe, and artisanal scents. She also carries organic fair trade essential oils and incense, vintage and current books on perfumery, and 7-free nail lacquer from LVX. There is an ample lending library of books on perfumery, bottle collection, and fragrance designers and houses.

Jana had been looking for new look to enhance her already established brand and logo. I had developed a new ad featuring a vintage fragrance bottle that resembled her Fragrance Vault logo’s icon. A hexagon icon was the primary element of her brand. I worked off of that shape using actual bottles of perfume as background imagery.