Design Services

I could say I'm rather seasoned but I am not certain how spicy or what zest you are looking for! I have an extensive background spanning an entire professional career in Graphic Design in all business and private sectors. Graphic Design is the Conduit™ to branding and identity. The language of Graphic Design defines my aesthetic, process and application. Composition is everywhere. I am intuitively and pragmatically (the rules and standards) driven. I have a unique relationship and innate application of typography where I see it fit. I am very diverse with my styles and, of course, adaptable to any and all brand standards and requirements.

The Craft of the Ad

I primarily practiced my craft with Advertising Agencies. Several involved working with fortune 500 companies and world-wide accounts. I worked mostly within a creative team environment where brainstorming and research became the piece our team would develop and produce ad campaigns and other marketing materials. Creative collaboration was standard as well as working within a full account service team. Moreover, I participated in client presentations, photoshoots and video production post-production sessions.Click to edit text. Focus on how you can benefit your customers.

Motion Graphics

With a BA in Communications in which my emphasis was Video Productions, Motion Graphics and Video Productions have also been strategically woven into my overall skill-set. Typically, I will begin with storyboarding. I also have assisted in directing and producing video shoots including Art Direction (shot selection, camera positioning, etc). With Adobe Creative Suite as my platform, post-production is part of the process.

Free. Create. Be.

Certainly the more poetic / artist side of me. This extremely freeing aspect of my creativity enables me to apply it to my design work. Balance – once again – is key. I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist. As of late, I have been working on a series that melds both disciplines together.