Aeretus is a digital collective that produces advertising, marketing, branding and content for their clients. They team up and collaborate with other creative talent on a per-project basis. They wanted a short, “teaser” like video that is dynamic, engaging and get’s to the heart of their simple values.

Genuine. Honesty. Integrity. We aren’t bombastic jumping on the latest trend (though we don’t ignore new tech/media ways to connect with audiences), art to elevate business not business to subjugate art as a profit making tool… I mean all businesses are in business to make money, but that doesn’t mean everything must be so debased and utilitarian that it forsakes humanity and the soul. It’s a fine line. But what we deliver is meant to touch people on a deeper level than the usual garbage advertising that’s out there.

It’s the eternal struggle of artists and creatives to find their place in the world… that’s OUR struggle not our clients’ struggles.. but through this struggle we find balance, a way to add a truly human element to the business world that is deeper than just some Getty lifestyle shots- we tap into the subconscious, the desires of all humanity on an eternal basis- we may just provide a logo or design, but it’s meant to tap into the deeper meaning of what it means to be human.

Watch the short promotional video here.